First pastel piece!

Six months ago I purchased 2 full sets of pastel pencils and a full 120 set of pastel sticks and a pad of Pastelmat paper.. without trying any of them first.. Maybe a silly decision! Turns out I HATE the feel of pastels on the sanded paper. The feel of it goes straight through me – sort of like how nails on a chalk board makes some people cringe! I will be doing more pastel pieces and am determined to like them haha!

Well because I had invested a fair chunk of money into these supplies I pushed through it and created this as my first pastel drawing. I always knew with this piece I wanted to try some bright colours for the background. So I went with some blues and greens which I wanted to resemble the distant green hue of the northern lights type effect. I then added some of the white pastel to create his breath and was pleased with how that overlapped the blue background.

I then thought .. Lets try something completely different and not my normal style and make this piece have a magical type feel. So I added some twinkly stars and I felt it completed this piece. A few of the background colours layered into the fur to make it feel part of the new environment and this piece was finished :). I’m pleased to say that this sold as soon as it was finished and its being professionally mounted ready to be shipping to its new home in Scotland!

Wolf reference photograph taken by Paul Fine.