New additions to the family…

Yesterday, we welcomed two new lambs to our zoo! We already have 2 Suffolk ewe sheep but they are 8-9 years old which is getting on. These two new lambs are also a rare breed called Dorest Downs. They are 7 months old and super sweet.

The breeder was kind enough to keep hold of them for a bit longer to halter train them. I cannot be anymore pleased with them. They are better than I could have imagined. Super sweet and very friendly, they are more like dogs than sheep.

Dorset Downs are a rare breed and are known for their laid back, calm nature. These lambs are certainly living up to that reputation. I asked people over at my Facebook page what we should call them. I think we have decided on Flora and Dolly. I really like the name Nellie but I had always thought I would have a dog named Nellie so have kept that back haha. Flora and Dolly really suit their personlalities.