Maisey & Lexie Close Up

I have been prepping a couple of canvases ready for 2 Spaniel paintings I have coming up :). Getting the surface just the right texture for how I like to paint. I keep meaning to take a photo of my framed painting but trying to photograph something that has now been varnished is not easy!

Yesterday, I ordered all new boom stands and arms that will enable me to use my DSLR to record my portraits. Up to now I have been using my webcam but its having a tantrum and no longer wants to produce the same quality picture… Don’t ask me why but the past few days technology hates me 😂.

29″ x 21″ acrylic on canvas

Today is a day at my laptop creating the next voice over video for my Patreon channel :D. Seeing as I can’t record due to the technology issues its forced me to create more videos which lets hope means my Patreon channel can go live a little earlier than planned!