Tigers are finished

I realised over the weekend that I never photographed my Tiger drawing so before it got to bright this morning that was my objective first thing :). Now ready to be mounted before looking for its new home.

10″ x 18″ Pastel Portrait
Photos from Emmanuel Keller and Natasha Jefferies and @ Wildlife Reference Photos
Original for sale

This drawing was one I created from multiple references. This piece is one of a kind. I wanted to do something the same size as my Cheetah mum and cub portrait so when I went searching for references I stumbled across a sleeping Tiger. I then thought – right I will design my layout around this. I liked the lighting and how the hind legs were partially off the rock. But the Tiger was asleep. I knew that I wanted to incorporate a cub in this piece and wanted both of them to be awake. So I then searched for a photograph of a laying Tiger but one where she was looking straight at the camera. Found one I loved and used that head in the reference onto the sleeping body of the other photo.
I then went looking for a cub photo. This was more tricky because I needed it to be led down but I wanted it looking at its mother. Finally I found one that I liked and that with some adjustments would work.

So this pastel drawing really is something I have created from scratch using various beautiful references. If you are interested in purchasing this original portrait please don’t hesitate to email me at zara.toms@hotmail.co.uk
No prints will be made of this.