Mount Options

I am very fortunate to have a fantastic framer up the road from me. He has mounted and framed all of my work from the day I started it as a hobby. Recently, he invested in a super duper mounting machine which really is impressive. This enables a range of lovely shape options and styles. Below are just a few of the shapes which caught my eye.

At the bottom of each mount is a code. If commissioning a piece from me and you would like one of these mounts with your portrait please quote the code during the commission process. I have a sample of all these mounts at home so I can photograph your portrait with the mount for you to see just how it would look :).

All of these mounts come in a variety of colours! But the samples I have are in the standard cream and black colour.

Standard 000
^ B170
^ B150
^ B180
^ B160
^ D110
^ J079
^ B120
^ B110
^ A020
^ A110