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If you would like to commission a painting, this page will take you through the easy process. I work from your favourite photographs to achieve a detailed painting showing all your pets characteristics. Due to this, I do require good quality shots of your pet. To find out more information and tips on taking the perfect photograph please click on ‘photography tips’.

Step 1. Photograph selection.

Select a photograph suitable for the painting. If of a good quality, this could be an older photograph or one you’ve taken deliberately for this purpose. My paintings are unique to each client and not just any ‘animal’. I usually ask for a small selection of 3-4 photographs of your pet to help me understand their personality, features and characteristics.

Step 2: Contact me .

Once you have selected the photographs, the next stage is to contact me with information of your desired expectations. It’s at this stage that we can discuss sizes, backgrounds, framing etc. Your chosen photographs can be emailed or posted to me. If you decide to post them they will be returned with the finished painting. I do advise that you take copies of these photographs in case any damage occurs during the postal process. If I feel that the photographs are not suitable, I will return these to you free of charge.

Step 3: Layout/mock ups. 

Once we have discussed your portrait and I have more of an understanding of your requirements, I will then progress to complete a mock up of your commission. This will provide you with some image evidence of what your finished painting will look like. If you are undecided on what background would look best or you would like any alterations made, it’s at this point that it can be done
Here is an example of a recent commission and the mock up stages.

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Here is an example of a recent commission and the mock up stages.



Step 4: Payment 

Once we have decided on the layout, payment can be made. This can be done through the website on the ‘order’ page where a safe online payment can be completed. Alternatively, I also accept cheques. I ask for a 30% deposit which covers the initial costs and will confirm your order. Depending on the size of the painting, it usually takes me between 4-6 weeks to complete the commission. Throughout the process, regular photographs of your portrait can be emailed or checked on my Facebook page. Once you have received the final photographic update and confirmed you are pleased with the portrait, the rest of the payment can be made. I will then post your portrait to you once the total payment has cleared.