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Pet Portraits

Meet Dexter

Dexter I recently had the pleasure of drawing this gorgeous Border Collie. If you follow me on social media you'll know that black fur is one of my favourite fur colours to draw. I love how it requires multiple layers, focusing on contrast and using colours like blues and purple to enhance the fur even further. If you'd like to read a few of my top tips for drawing realistic black fur scroll down...
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Meet Rex

A very special Staffordshire Bull Terrier I recently had the pleasure of painting Rex this gorgeous, smiley Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Sadly, Rex had a terrible start in life. He was subjected to the horrendous world of dog fighting. Not all these kinds of stories end well but for Rex he was one of the lucky ones. Being adopted by a dog trainer who has literally turned Rex's life around....
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Buster the Bulldog

Buster A few weeks ago I shared a work in progress update of Buster the Bulldog. I loved working on his portrait. It was my largest pet portrait to date and it enabled me to add even more detail achieving more realism. This has certainly encouraged me to draw more larger wildlife projects which will feature in tutorials on Patreon. I'm planning on uploading a series of tutorials showing various ...
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I currently have the largest pet portrait on my easel I've been asked to do to date! I am LOVING working on such a large scale. It's allowing me to add so much more details and achieve far more realism than I've created before. Due to that I'm going to be planning some larger portraits for upcoming tutorials on Patreon :). Showing the tips and techniques I use to take your artwork to the next leve...
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Meet Sadie

Last week I finished this portrait of Sadie. Two of my favourite things to draw were in her portrait - black fur and curly fur. So this was a portrait where I didn't want to put the pencils down. Sadie's portrait then made it's journey home to the USA :).    For those who follow my tutorials I have a video on Patreon showing you how I tackle this fur type. Head over to my Patreon...
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One of my Christmas commissions was this portrait of Jazmin. A beautiful Golden Retriever with the smiliest expression. I had already drawn one of the other family dogs a couple of months before. This portrait was done in pastels and that ensured the softness of her fur was captured along with those subtle colours. For her portrait, given the angle of the reference photograph, we opted for a squar...
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Jasper Jasper is one of the latest dogs fresh off my easel. Sadly, no longer with us and his family miss him dearly. Loosing them is the worst part about sharing life with them but they provide so many wonderful memories for us to cherish. When I am asked to capture peoples much loved pets I want to capture that pet not just a Jack Russell.  I spend days, sometimes weeks on a single portrai...
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'Meet Ronnie' Fresh off the easel last week was Ronnie the German Shepherd. This portrait required a lot of variation in pencil details to capture all the textures within his fur. I had to start with rich base layers to make sure I captured his beautiful warm colouring within his fur. I used PanPastels for his base layers and that worked really well for the colours I was looking to recreate.&...
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Although I don't advertise it as such, when asked I do draw people to. My first couple of graphite portraits was of family members and once I was confident in capturing skin tones and textures I accepted people commissions. More recently I have been drawing people in colour using pastels. Both graphite and pastels work well but obviously create very different looks. Some reference photos shout for...
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