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Meet Dexter

Dexter I recently had the pleasure of drawing this gorgeous Border Collie. If you follow me on social media you'll know that black fur is one of my favourite fur colours to draw. I love how it requires multiple layers, focusing on contrast and using colours like blues and purple to enhance the fur even further. If you'd like to read a few of my top tips for drawing realistic black fur scroll down...
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How to paint a Jack Russell in acrylics

Painting a Jack Russell in acrylics My latest YouTube tutorial shows how I painted this Jack Russell. I recently uploaded another Jack Russell tutorial to YouTube but that was a smoother coat whereas this tutorial shows how I layer for more of the wirehaired, coarser fur texture.  If you'd like to see both fur types, click the picture of the dog you'd like to watch and you'll be taken to th...
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Meet Rex

A very special Staffordshire Bull Terrier I recently had the pleasure of painting Rex this gorgeous, smiley Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Sadly, Rex had a terrible start in life. He was subjected to the horrendous world of dog fighting. Not all these kinds of stories end well but for Rex he was one of the lucky ones. Being adopted by a dog trainer who has literally turned Rex's life around....
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TOP TIPS FOR PAINTING SHORT, WHITE FUR. My latest full length tutorial in acrylics on Patreon was of a white Bulldog. I had a couple of requests for tutorials on short fur and then another on white fur so I thought I'd combine the two for this one. When I was looking for the reference photo for this tutorial I wanted a dog which was entirely white. No other colour so that I could focus on all par...
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I currently have the largest pet portrait on my easel I've been asked to do to date! I am LOVING working on such a large scale. It's allowing me to add so much more details and achieve far more realism than I've created before. Due to that I'm going to be planning some larger portraits for upcoming tutorials on Patreon :). Showing the tips and techniques I use to take your artwork to the next leve...
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10 TOP TIPS FOR PAINTING FUR IN ACRYLICS A couple of weeks ago I shared my top tips for drawing fur with pastels. Well, this week it's in acrylics. All of these tips are what I use when creating any of my pet portraits or wildlife paintings. These tips can make a huge difference in the depth created within the fur and therefore the realism of the overall piece.  If you'd like to see this vi...
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6 TIPS TO DRAWING REALISTIC FUR IN PASTELS This month I uploaded my 6 top tips for drawing fur in pastels. For those of you who also paint in acrylics these tips are also relevant to painting BUT with the exception of the last tip. Tip 6 I speak about how with lighter coloured dogs like yellow Labradors I will usually work in the opposite from light to dark HOWEVER with acrylics we don't have to ...
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How to draw a Springer Spaniel in pastels

My latest tutorial uploaded to YouTube was a timelapse of Dod's portrait I completed in 2020. Click the thumbnail below to head over to YouTube and watch it now :).  I have slower, in depth tutorials available on my Patreon. Tiers for pastel and acrylics with a combined tier for those of you like me who enjoy working in multiple mediums :). On my website here, I have a Patreon library with...
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I have loved working on this drawing. I was asked to make a tutorial on how to draw iridescent feathers and straight away I knew I wanted to draw a Hummingbird.   I regularly post public posts to my Patreon with tips and techniques for the projects I'm currently working on. You don't have to be a member to see these posts so if these are of interest click here :)   In these posts I...
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